Yard Work Has Begun

Yard work has begun around our home. Finally we are getting some good weather around Edmonton. With that, my goal is to quickly get the yard summer ready. At the very least well on its way.

Sunday happened to be my only day off work this week. I made a promise to my kids that if they helped me in the morning, I would set something up early for them in the afternoon. More on that later…

(Yes that is my neighbors wood fence he put up. Yes he decided he didn’t need to finish, and no we didn’t need it at all.)

We started the day off raking the yard. It quickly turned into dad adjusting seats, handle bars and brakes on bikes again. My so came back to help me but I lost my little girl to neighborhood friends all day.

With the warm weather my flowers are starting to come up. First to show are my lilies and irises this year.

Still too muddy to get in there yet but soon I will be all over the flower beds. Come on May long weekend! This is also my favourite part of the yard. The moose antlers are the perfect touch. Just wait until it’s filled in with different greens and flower colours.

I brought out the patio table and chairs to set up under the gazebo. I still need a new one of those by the way. Next was the deck box and moving our power pole planter holders around.

Went into the garage after and started cleaning up. Moving things around after the long winter and my kids pulling stuff out and not putting it back. We also had a ton of water get in and for 2 months everything on the floor was frozen solid. So I could finally shelf a lot of miss placed things.

Then came the surprise!

With my sons help, our trampoline went up. Out came the pieces and put into organized piles by my son. Then the building began.

It didn’t take very long but half way through the build, rain came. There I was finishing the springs and setting up the net while my son went off to be dry. I was very jealous of him.

Once built the rain stopped and the fun began. Happened to be the same time my little girl came home. She saw the work was done while bike riding by the house.

They had about 30 minutes of bounce time before the sky’s opened right up and didn’t stop all night.

All in all it was a great day. Got to finish off some chores and still have lots of play time. This was how our yard work has begun this year. If all days are like this, minus the rain, I’ll take it.

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