What Happened to Our Schools!

The elementary school my kids go to, has a lot of amazing things going for it, like clubs, great caring teachers and an amazing administrative and supportive staff. I do however have a major issue with some of the polices they have to follow.

First off, the school system preaches anti-bullying but when it happens nothing is done about it. A kid can straight up punch someone in the face and nothing happens. Maybe a talking to but that’s it. A child can sware and use words to hurt another child, even a teacher, and again nothing is done.

When did suspensions and expulsions go by the wayside, being replaced by a nice talk. How does this help the kid who keeps getting picked on. When did it become ok to disrupt a class, lie to a teacher and refuse to do work.

There have been cases of kids pooping themselves and trying to make other kids smell a hand full of it once pulled out of their pants as well as plugging toilets and smearing shit everywhere. These are just a few examples of things that have happened in our school to which no punishment was handed out.

With these, my kids as well as others have suffered while trying to learn. I as a father can’t believe how the school board has handcuffed the teachers and principals. I know this just isn’t our school as I know quite a number of teachers around our city and they all say the same. I also know that I would never have heard of these things happening that I pointed out if it wasnt for my wife volunteering in the school.

The stuff our kids have to deal with on top of the pressures of learning is appalling. Make our schools (pardon my language) bullshit free so they can focus on what is important, learning. The schools should be allowed to discipline kids who act out as this is getting out of hand as our teachers have become more of a babysitter instead of an educater through the boards polices and this is not what school was ment for.

I feel bad for teachers as they get the brunt end of the abuse and to top it off, funding for teacher aids is dwindling as well as librarians so they are getting more work added all while getting crapped on by the same kids day in and day out, while handcuffed and not able to deal with them properly.

I would love to hear from our school board and minister of education to hear what they have to say for themselves, but I know I won’t like what I hear if they ever gave me the time of day. Believe me I have tried in the past while asking why mental health isn’t tought in health class, only to be brushed off. I doubt this topic would be any different. I would also love to hear from other teachers and parents on this topic. Feel free to comment below and all opinions are welcome.

Please, if you get a chance, spend some time in your kids classes and see what happens. I hope it changes soon as these are the kids of our future which might not be so bright if they don’t learn consequences for their actions.