Welcome To The World!

I would like Edmonton and the World to meet our newest family member, Rosalie Annabelle Dufault. She was born on June 29th at 11:50am.

She is the first for my cousin Courtney and her husband Daniel. Now we all remember what its like to be first time parents so their joy is amazing to see. Its something special with every child but your first it’s all new.

To Courtney and Daniel:


Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood. It can be quite the roller coaster ride but it’s filled with the best memories. Time flies by so enjoy all it has to offer. Take lots of family time together and most of all bring out your own inner child to play. We spend enough time in our adult world so head into theirs each day. Trust me its worth it.

Well now Dad. I mean this is a Dad blog after all. You made it this far, congrats. Now your little girl is here. If you ever have questions, I’m only a phone call away and I’m a veteran with girls.


You will do great I know it. Being a Dad is the greatest thing life has to offer. It changes you. You think now, it’s my little girl and I have to be carefull. Well in a few years she will be beating the crap out of you.

Just remember there will come a time later on when you will realize I’m surrounded by women. It really isn’t bad. I know I have been doing it for years, lol

Anyways Rosalie. I am so excited to finally come see you. Your family here in Edmonton cant wait to play. Lots of years ahead to have fun, learn and enjoy life. You have great parents so you are off to a great start. Remember I am a phone call away too and I do answer calls from the fisher price phones. My love to all.