Week One Update To Quitting Smoking

Here is my week one update to quitting smoking. If you haven’t heard yet I am starting my journey to being smoke free. You can view my first post here. As of today I am 7 days without a cigarette. This has been a huge struggle for me but so far one that I am very glad I am doing. I am also very proud of myself for hitting this milestone today.

As for how I am achieving this goal, Champix has been my biggest help. Plus Nicorette gum has helped on my hard days to calm myself and my cravings. I have also had great help from my family and some close work friends who all tell me words of encouragement and also let me know when I am being an asshole.

My Struggles So Far:

Well with Champix I am on day 15 for the pills. They are great for helping with blocking out the nicotine cravings in your brain to help you quite a lot easier. Now with any medication you take there can be some side effects. This is the third time I have tried to use Champix and like all the others, side effects have hit me.

Constipation  has been the biggest one for me. I have told my wife thank god I am a dad and have gone through the birth process as that has been a big help while sitting on the throne. You go in, sit down and end up having a lot of false alarms. You start to sweat, your back hurts and if you don’t breathe you just might pass out. So there you are, hee hee hooing until it happens. Once finished you find out all that work and pain was for very little. I know, I know too much information but my god this sucks.

Just wait until it let’s go though. One of the many times in my life when I feel like Harry from Dumb and Dummer. You know the part where he is given super lax by Lloyd and used the broken toilet.

Next side effect is the vivid dreams. These are the type of dreams that make it seem like it is reality. So clear that when you wake it feels like a memory.

Some times you get what I call the Groundhog Day dreams. The type that just repeats itself over and over again but so vivid It seems real just like the movie. The worst dream I have had was this. I was waking up, got out of bed and started to get dressed. This one went on repeat for what seemed like eternity. Each time the same thing happens except when in your dream you start to get pissed off it happens again and again. I started waking up screaming What The Fuck Is Going On each time until my wife punched me. Well turns out that was the time I had actually woke up and screamed so loud I woke the house.

Anger is also a big part of quitting smoking for me. I used to use cigarettes as a way to calm down. Anytime I would walk something off I would also have a smoke. Try living with a teenage daughter while struggling with your own anger. Not an easy task at any point for a dad. I honestly think my daughter should contact Nicorette and thank them for a great product. As she is screaming at me for no reason and I am about to blow like a tea kettle, gum is popped into my mouth and calming comes over me.

No filter when speaking has also come into my life again. I now say the first thing to jump into my head whether right or wrong. This usually goes hand in hand with the anger. It will probably be the one part that will cause me trouble.

My Overview Of How I Now Feel:

So all the side effects, all the struggles faced mean I am succeeding. Beating a 23 year smoking habit won’t be easy. No one said it would either. My breathing is slowly getting better. My lungs must be adjusting as after day 4 of no smokes when I breathe in, it feels like breathing through a mint. The money saved already is crazy too. In one week I have saved my family proximity $200.  Unreal numbers when you add it all up. I can’t believe I have been wasting so much over the years.

So my week one update to quitting smoking is, I am winning my battle. Soon enough it will be week 2 then week 3 and so on. I will continue to write about how things are going. I feel it is another tool in my box when it comes to quitting.

Stay tuned!

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    1. Thank you very much!

      It is crazy how much you spend. I booked my sons birthday party with the money saved on a whim instead of waiting until payday.

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