Visiting Edmonton & Area, check out Modern Mama

As a dad living in Edmonton, there really isn’t any “Dad sites” highlighting things to do in our city. I have come across a few mom sites and family sites that have become a go to for me. So if you are living in the Edmonton area, or are planning a visit to our great city, I will share a few great sites to check out for things to do. Even if you aren’t planning a visit, these sites also have some great parenting help.

The first I will showcase is the Modern Mama sites. The Modern Mama sites are a great local resource for parents as they do a lot of event planning to get moms out of the house and connecting with each other. As a dad I follow their sites to find things to do with my kids around Edmonton as lots of events aren’t advertised, as well as product reviews and getting questions answered through their articles. There are also contests run and who doesn’t like those. My wife turned me on to Modern Mama and now I think I’m checking them out more than her.

I have also loved talking to the moms who run them on social media. Kimberly Ouellette who runs Modern Mama St. Albert has been a huge help to this dad in more ways than one so I would like to give her a shout out and say thank you.

Please check out her Modern Mama Site here.

Modern Mama – St. Albert
I will also provide a link to Modern Mama St. Albert mailing list to get all the latest articles, parenting resources, local events and promotions.

Modern Mama – St. Albert Newsletter
Please check out all the other Edmonton area Modern Mama sites for info on whats happening in those areas as well. Here are the links to their sites.

Modern Mama – Main Site

Modern Mama – Edmonton
Modern Mama – Spruce Grove

Their sites are filled with great articles for parents with things to do around the city, product reviews, parenting help and so much more. Please give them a look even if you aren’t planning a visit.

Also Modern Mama is Canada wide so please feel free to search their main site to find a city near you.