Trip To Jump 360 Edmonton

Today we took a trip to Jump 360 Edmonton. My younger kids are on spring break right now so what better time to go. This was a big surprise for them as they thought dad was working all day. I had a doctor’s appointment at lunch and decided to take the afternoon off to go bounce.

They were definitely excited to be there. This was my daughters third time there, but my sons first.

If you have never been here yet, what are you waiting for. This place is amazing! I wish stuff like this was around when I was a kid, but hey that’s the good thing about not growing up.

There are slides to throw yourself down.

A flip zone where you can launch yourself off a trampoline into a foam pit. Walk the balance beam and swing from a rope like a monkey.

Platforms to jump off of. Another area just like this as well but for dodgeball. My son did take a dodgeball right in the face and needed a little break afterwords. His sister brought him out so I could check his face and to give him a quick giggle.

Of course I went and got slurpees for break time. After the break it was off to play trampoline basketball. It was really hard to get a good picture, lol.

Now Jump 360 Edmonton also has a big birthday party room area. Set up very well with lots of room. How can you not like this set up.

With my son’s birthday just over a month away, I think this areas is where we will be. Just around the corner is the canteen area as well as arcade machines.

We had so much fun today. The hour went by so fast. My kids were exhausted. As a parent can you really ask for anything else after an outting.

Our trip to Jump 360 Edmonton was a huge success. We can’t wait until the next bouncing good time. Check out Jump 360’s website for pricing and to pre-sign your waiver to make things easier.

If you have been to Jump 360 Edmonton how was your visit? Please share this out and help spread the word of this great local play place. This is a great place to take the family, young and old.