Toddlers To Teens – Not Much Difference!

Back when my kids were in the ‘terrible 2’s’ lots of other parents would tell me not to worry, things will be easier when they are older. That sounded like the greatest thing in the world to me. No more tantrums, messes everywhere, or finding things where they don’t belong.

Well fast forward a bunch of years and my oldest daughter is now 18. Guess what, all that stuff didn’t really stop, it just sorta changed a bit.

The tantrums changed from lying on the floor kicking and screaming to her yelling at me saying I don’t listen and she’s an adult who doesn’t need to be told what to do.

Leaving messes everywhere is still happening – from leaving food and glasses all over the house, to walking past the dishwasher when told to clean it up and placing them on the counter for dad to deal with. Don’t get me started on her room, as just like me at that age it’s like she needs the mess to relax.


(Yes she will kill me for posting this, lol)

As for finding things in weird places well lets just say it is quite funny to see some of the things she does, like where I found our dish cloth when trying to dry my sons hands.

Now what I have come to understand is this, during the early years, mostly with your first child, you are on edge with everything. Little to no sleep also plays a big role in how your kids actions make you feel like it’s never-ending, but as they get older your opinion changes and you become more relaxed.

You start to realize they still do the same types of things, only as a parent you don’t get bothered by it. You laugh your ass off most of the time and are able to joke with them about these things. I will go into my daughter’s room, throw a pillow on the floor and tell her I’m helping her feel at home. She does roll her eyes and tell me I’m old. With the cloth in the dishwasher I asked if she was testing a new way to do laundry and she laughed and said my clothes are next.

It’s the way we can talk and see the humor in things that changes as our kids get older. Maybe that’s why parents tell you things get easier when you are dealing with your young kids. The actions are still present when they are teens but your outlook has changed so it actually is easier.

I can’t wait to see what my younger kids will surprise me with. Let me know what you think.