Yesterday I was sitting around with my kids and asked them what they wanted to do, to which they replied “tobogganing!”

So we got dressed up, grabbed our sleds and headed out to Rundle Park here in Edmonton. This is a great year round park in our city and the have 2 amazing toboggan hills there.


The hills here are great. Tall, wide and lined all around with hay bails. The only problem we had been noticing this year all the sleds are too small for my ever-growing kids. Dad will need to get buy new ones soon. Now speaking of hay bails, my little girl runs them every time we go tobogganing and most parents run to her aid as I stand there laughing. She always bounces back up laughing as well.


My son who was walking up the hill when she hit had a lot of fun seeing his sister go airborne.

I love hitting the hills with my kids and it is something fun to do that also give us great exercise


One of the best parts of tobogganing is seeing my kids help each other at the top of the hill as well as seeing them slide down together.


If you live here in Edmonton then bundle up and head out to Rundle Park, you just might see me and my kids there. Otherwise head out to your local hills and just have a blast with your kids, memories like these last a lifetime.

On a side note, let me know what the best sled you have is as we are looking for new ones. Thank you in advance.