Throwback Thursday #7

Here we go, another week and another Throwback Thursday. This week is all about my oldest daughter. She has been quite the role model to her brother and sister, even though she doesn’t see it.

Sometimes in the teen years you forget the little things. You get wrapped up in your own life and lose sight on whats around you. Teen years are hard trying to find yourself and I hope she never forgets these moments and continues to make more.

This was when my oldest was 10 and my little girl was 2. My oldest was all dressed up for school and like always her sister just wants to be like her. Even to this day, big sis is looked up to.

Around the same time my son was born. Being the big sister, lots of quality time was spent just like this. He still looks up to her with the same awe in his eyes.

That’s it for this week. Big sisters are sure great to look up to. Many more moments like these have been shared over the years. Many more to come I’m sure.