Throwback Thursday #5

For this weeks Throwback Thursday I am posting a picture of me from back in 1994. Just look at this handsome little devil – and at 16 devil was right!

This was me with my first car, a 1974 Chevy NOVA 4 door with an Inline 6 cylinder to power it. It was rusted to hell, had Flintstone holes in the floorboards but man did I love it.

The freedom it game me was un-matched and allowed me to learn mechanics as they are easier to work on given the age it is.

My best memory of that car was driving around in Winnipeg’s winters bumper shining the car. I will never forget tying one of those old wooden sleds to the back of my car and while on it with a few friends, it completely blew apart and set us flying into the ditch. Thinking back on it now, that was a really bad idea but at the time it was so much fun.

Now here is a question for you – What was your first car, and your best memory of it? Please share with me.

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