Throwback Thursday #12

I am back with Throwback Thursday #12 this week. When you sit back as a parent and go through old pictures, you find some gems. Us as parents can get caught up really easy in the commotion of life. Life goes by fast if you don’t take the time to pull back and enjoy it. Throwback Thursday #12 is my son’s first birthday!

Clearly licking the plate was way better than trying his first birthday cake. Kids will always make messes, but some of them are just plain fun.

I found this picture when talking to my son. His birthday was on May 2 and he was asking what he was like as a young kid. Well here it is, you loved licking plates.

We need to cherish these moments as parents. Birthdays can be busy but you need to also take the time to enjoy them. Here is my birthday boy now. 8 years old now and loving every minute of life.

Happy birthday again my boy! Many more to come.


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