Throwback Thursday #10

This week is Throwback Thursday #10. I hope you are enjoying these old pictures of myself and my kids. I know looking back through them has given me some great memories.

This week I have a couple of pictures to show. They are of my oldest daughter when she was 5 years old.

This was her favourite thing to do. She could spend hours just swinging away. Sometimes singing or just staring at the clouds.

It didn’t matter what park we were at, we had to hit up the swings. Just like all my kids, pushing them was a highlight for me. Just like swinging beside them.

Slides were a lot of fun as well with her. I loved chasing her down the slides. She always thought dad was going to get stuck. Believe me sometimes I came close.

As our kids get older, you start to lose moments like these. At 18 years old now, there is no more park days with dad. I do miss that very much but at the same time enjoy what life gives us now.

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