Throwback Thursday #1

Something I wanted to start on my blog is showcasing some older pictures of my family. I though what better way to do this than a Throwback Thursday feature where I can share some older pictures and add a little write-up about them. So sit back, relax and enjoy my first ever Throwback Thursday feature.

Let’s get started shall we…


This is a picture of my oldest daughter writing me a message. I worked a lot out-of-town when she was young and she always had messages or drawings for me when I came home. She would have been around 6 years old here.


This one is of my little girl sitting on the couch playing video games. Nothing beats cuddle time with my kids and she always loves sitting with Dad, even now at 10 we cuddle lots. She would have been about close to 2 in this picture.


This is one of my favourite pictures of my son. He loved pulling out pots and pans to play with and one day we found him sitting in the roster. He was around 1 in this picture.

Well there you have it my first Throwback Thursday post. As you can see I used 3 different pictures this time. Sometimes I might have more and sometimes I might have less. I hope you enjoy these little looks into my family. Please let me know what you think.