This Old House!

Well it’s renno time in the Wood house. Time to update the furnace. Our home was built-in the mid 60’s and our furnace is the original one.


Now doing any work in any home can bring problems you were not expecting. I knew going into this one there was a possibility of asbestos as I saw the paper wrap on the ducts in the furnace room. What I wasnt expecting is how much. 22 asbestos wraps to be removed. (See pic below for asbestos tape)


So we had a tester come in and test the tape, the ceiling tiles, and drywall to be sure and the it came back positive for asbestos in the tape. So we brought in a remediation company who told us we can drop the celing ourselves to save money. They will do a glove bag remediatin. Also if the furnace guys can’t remove the old furnace in one piece a full remediation is required due to the old one being full of the stuff.

Now I work with asbestos from time to time and have done glove bag before. It is a self-contained removal process that is air tight. A bag is placed around the area(tools inside) and sealed. There are 2 built-in gloves so you can work and have everything fall into the bag. Then a hepa vacuum is used to clear the air before removal. Quite the process. (Pic below is from the internet and shows the process)


So we drop the ceiling. Tiles come off. strapping comes off and drywall comes off. Quite a bit of work but not bad. The remediation has now been completed today so we are on the home stretch. Its hard having the basement ripped apart. Kids play area is packed up and my teen daughters room is destroyed, and for once not by her. But soon this will all be over and if this was the worst part, I think we did good.

If you are doing renos in a home remember to watch out for asbestos. It wont get you now but down the road look out. This is not a DIY project. Please hire professionals. I hope this helps

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Oh ya. We also found one more surprise up there. Wasps! You truly never know what you might find.