Things my Teen Teaches Me!

I’m going to start a new weekly topic (at least I will try to do it weekly) called Things my Daughter Teaches Me. For these posts I am going to dive into my teenagers mind and show how she teaches me how wrong I have been in life and yes this is sarcasm, lol as it is basically how a teen justifies their actions. For parents with younger kids this is what you have to look forward to in years to come and for those of us who have the dreaded teen, well I’m sure you can relate. This is also why I laugh when she says things (which drives her nuts) and these are all actual conversations with my oldest daughter.

So here goes…..


I’ll start with one from 2 days. My teen was doing laundry and like always right when it’s bath/shower time (an ongoing issue) which in our house is between 5pm and 7pm for all 5 of us.

For this, picture my home which is from 1964 and the plumbing isn’t great. Once in the shower every thing affects it from the toilet to the kitchen sink and yes laundry. If the washer is running the pressure drops and heat fluctuates badly and even doing laundry early can effect the tub later.

This is our conversation…

Dad – “Why are you doing laundry at shower time again?”

Daughter – “Whats the big deal anyways.”

Dad – “Like I told you it affects the shower.”

Daughter – “I’m using the cold cycle so it doesn’t affect anything so you will have hot water. God dad.” (huffing and puffing)

Dad – “It’s not just hot water (which in my house it still affects) but pressure to.”

Daughter – “No it doesn’t because I’m using the cold cycle.” (eyes rolling)

Dad – “Sooooo at 17 you know all about plumbing now and I’m wrong?”

Daughter – “uggggghhhh!” (Stomps off)

(30min later)

Daughter – Stops all laundry and goes for a shower.

Dad – “so you stop it for yourself but not any one else,  I thought the cold cycle means you are fine.”

Daughter – “Can you not right now!”

Dad – Plays with kitchen sink for 10 min to prove a point as I hear my daughter getting mad.

Well there you go. If you have a washer that effects the shower, just use a cold cycle and you will be fine.