Things my Teen Teaches me! (Part 2)

Well it has been a couple of weeks since my last post on Things my Daughter Teaches Me so here comes another one. This time it will be a double post as both have to do with her phone so to speak. If you didn’t see my last one check it out Here. It was about laundry.

Just so you are aware, these are humourous posts and about actual conversations I have had with my teen daughter on how she justifies her actions. It may seem like bitching and maybe it is somewhat but it also lets parents who haven’t hit the teen years yet what to expect.

Well here we go…


Ok picture this. I am looking through my daughters phone as I will check her university emails to see if anything is needed as she doesn’t really communicate that to us. As well as cleaning up her phone like the cache etc and also checking her data usage. I find that her university email is full of garbage emails from games etc one day and on another her data is high after being told no more using it.

This is how the conversations went and how I was wrong again.


Dad – “How come you are using your university email for games and signing up for stuff.”

Daughter – “I’m not”

Dad – “It’s right here (shows phone) so be carefull which email you use as this is for school and won’t be around after you are done school, use your other one, ok”

Daughter – “I didn’t use my university one, I put in my regular one”

Dad – “It’s right here”

Daughter – “Well I used my normal one so it must have changed it on me and sent it to my university one”

Dad – “That’s impossible. The email you type in is the only one a site will know. If it is coming to your university email then that’s the one you used.”

Daughter – “No, I used my normal one. You never believe me!”

Dad – “This time no I don’t believe you as what you are saying is impossible”

Daughter – “uggh All my emails are here so it chose on its own”

Dad – “Ok I’m done”

Now I have learned that sites change your email address as they have access to all your accounts so please parents be careful.


So in our house myself, my wife and my oldest daughter have cell phones and all share data. We have 4 gigs so my daughter gets 1 and my wife and I share the other 3.

My daughter can use that 1 gig in a day and constantly does so I monitor her phone so she doesn’t blow over our limit and I have to pay more.

Here is what I learned from my girl….

Dad – “I had turned off your data yesterday at .91 of a gig why is it back on and almost over”

Daughter – ” I don’t know, I didn’t touch it”

Dad – “Yes you did as it is turned on and your phone doesn’t do that by itself”

Daughter – “Well I didn’t do it. You are always messing with my phone soooooo.”

Dad – “So I turned your data on to allow you to go over so I end up paying more money, is that what you are saying?”

Daughter – “I sure didn’t do it”

Dad – “You know as well as I do Me or Mom aren’t going to do that”

Daughter – “It wasn’t me, you never believe me!”

Dad – “Hmmmm, well if this happens again and you go over 1 gig and it puts our plan over then you pay the difference”

Daughter – “That’s not fare!”

Dad – “If you monitor it proper you won’t have a problem as it teaches what it is like paying for your own plan”

Daughter – “uggh”

Well parents, I learned that I am making myself pay more money each month. I really need to stop, lol.

When you sit back, these are quite funny. I can’t wait untill it comes full circle on her the way it has for me.

Please comment and let me know if I should continue these teenage mind gems.