The Little Things A Dad Does Like Toy Building!

One of the things I never really paid much attention to as a kid was how much work my Dad put into building toys. All I really cared about was playing with it, and fast. Now that I am a Dad, I have the pleasure of being our houses toy builder and oh man can that be a challenge sometimes.

This Christmas we got my son his first model and putting that together was quite interesting. It was a big Master Chief from the Halo Xbox game. This is by far his favourite thing ever so my wife and I could not pass up on the model.

At 161 pieces and no glue needed I though this will be easy to build. How wrong I was. It was quite the build but well worth it.

Like with all my toy builds, my kids are always there to help me out. It helps me out when my big hands can’t do little things and I found there was lots of times I needed that help.

The finished product was amazing!

Even though it was a model my son still played with it, I mean how could you not have your favourite action hero go into battle.

So as I a father myself, finding out all those little things my Dad did for me like building toys is something I never noticed, but am so grateful for. One day my kids will have their own little ones and realize it isn’t just the big gestures in life that make a Dad, sometimes the little un-noticed things were special to.

Now on to building more toys, next stop Lego!