Thank You Costco!

Just over a week ago I took to Twitter and wrote a blog post on how I was treated trying to get a Tide sample. I was shopping in Costco when it happened. If you missed that one you can read it here. I was not expecting anything at all to come of it. I just wanted to share what happens from time to time as a dad. Costco reached out to me.

Thank You Costco!

Right after I posted my blog to Twitter I got a request to DM them. Follow up emails came and Costco read everything I said. They forwarded it off to that locations manager to be dealt with. I replied saying thank you, I do love their store and that I shared my experience in hopes change would happen.

Now what they said next blew my mind. They told me they send out experiences like this to management to use as training tools. That is truly amazing. To have such a big company reply so fast and help support change is amazing.

Again I will state, I never blamed Costco. It was not the store that made me feel less of a parent, just that person. It is however Costco who is stepping up to make a change and teach staff a valuable lesson.

Now after the emails, the Costco store manager called me. I did not expect this to happen. He was shocked to hear what happened. The company that does the samples was informed and a message passed to the staff. A lesson was had by all. Most dads don’t say anything so they never knew this was a problem.

Costco really does value everyone and they take things like this serious. In my opinion, the way they handled my concern was refreshing. Nobody had to reach out but they did.

I am very grateful to Costco for reaching out to me. They showed me dads are important, that the see us as equal parents. I wish more stores thought that way but I see change is coming.

My experience has tought me something, that if you don’t speak up nothing will change. Every voice counts and we all matter.

Thank You Costco!




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