Teenagers and Bathroms…

Well this can be a touchy subject in my house. How much time you take in the bathroom.

For my self, I would like to consider myself quick in there. Other than throne time, which is the only time I get to think, I’m in and out in 5 min. My wife is about 10 min and my 2 little ones are around 20 min give or take on a play bath. Now my teenage daughter is a whole other story. It may be the dad in me but how the hell does it take an hour to shower. To be fair its only about 20 min in the water and the rest of the time who knows whats going on. I swear she is in the bathroom about 4 hours a day, at least it seems like it.

Here is the problem. We only have 1 bathroom. That’s right. I live in a house with 3 woman and only have one bathroom. I must be crazy, or at least I’m heading there.

My issue is school mornings and bedtime for my little ones, and there is big sister hibernating in the can. “Just one sec,” I hear which in real-time is 15 more min. It’s a struggle to keep routine when we have no access to our own bathroom.

My other issue, which involves me, is that after I had my gallbladder removed, certain things I eat go right through me. As I run down the hall, the door is closed. “Aggghhhh, leave me alone” usually is yelled out. Now my wife loves seeing me suffer in the hallway but for me it’s not much fun. I feel like at any moment I’m going to turn into Maya Rudolph from bridesmaids, where she runs into the streets and drops to her knees, and yes dads we have all seen that movie, and laughed our asses off when it happened.


So to help the house out I made a rule. Nothing done in the bathroom unless it involves a toilet or water. So far 4 out of 5 have bought in to this but my 17 year old is still yelling out “one more sec,” and making the whole house wait.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Otherwise there will be a post about me having the accident of a lifetime real soon.