Rad Dads Edmonton Lego Build And Bond Event

Today my younger two kids and I spent the day at Rad Dads Edmonton Lego build and bond event. Such a great time was had at this event. It was nice to see parents coming together and having fun all while building Lego.

If you haven’t heard of Rad Dads Edmonton yet, they are a new local dad group. Events like this Lego one, plus holding meetings for dads to get together and talk. Support for dads is something I never had raising my kids so this is a nice change. Also giving dads a sense of community. Follow them on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. There you will find the next meeting or event scheduled.

Events like the Lego build and bond will run shortly after a recent meeting to allow parents to just have fun with their kids. So far meetings and events have been held at 99Ten. Great place with great staff located in Edmonton’s downtown.

We got to the Rad Dads Edmonton Lego build and bond event just before 1pm. My kids and I were so excited. Lego has always been a big part of being a dad, from Duplo when younger to the Lego sets now.  So this was the perfect event for us.

Boy was there a lot of Lego! Tables were full everywhere with parents and kids a like building away. Time flew by, with 2 hours feeling like 20 minutes.

Our final projects were complete!


My son built a robot, gunners ship, armored turret, elevator and garden. I love his imagination with his building.

My little girl built a sweet truck and a funky table. I was quite impressed with her building. For the most part she loves building from instructions for her vehicles so this was quite the surprise.

I can’t wait to see what Rad Dads Edmonton has in store for us at their next event. I will keep checking their social media pages to find out what and when it will happen. Might even have to take in one of their dad meetings too. I mean a group of dads together with beer, what could go wrong?

Please share this out and help me get Rad Dads Edmonton known. The more we can bond as dads or with our kids, the better. Lets put Rad Dads Edmonton on the map to stay.