Sometimes At Work I See Things Through My Kids Eyes

Sometimes at work I see things through my kids eyes. It reminds me life can be fun. That not everything has to be gloom even when I am away from them.

As a working dad, I am away from home quite a lot. When my oldest daughter was young I worked in the oil field here in Alberta. I was always on the road, and missed a lot. I wish I had been home more but life happens. When my second daughter was born, all those first moments were missed again. Dad worked out of town and long days. A change was needed as I couldn’t take anymore missed moments.

That change was made when my son was born. We moved here to move to Edmonton. I would leave the oil patch and start working in construction. This would give me more options to be home and be with my kids. I have missed out on lots of time, missed milestones and firsts, but more importantly teaching time.

So here I am now, a labouror for placing utilities in the ground. Every now and then I get to run equipment. This is where I see things through my kids eyes. I mean how can you not!

All 3 of my kids love tractors although my oldest would now say no I don’t. Every drive is filled with “look at that tractor,” “I want to try that'” and “dad, do you drive one of those.” Their excitment really makes me happy. They all at some point have dreamt about driving equipment and digging with a tractor. Now I get the chance to do just that.

Of course I was the same way as a boy driving around with my dad. Just like him, I have taken all my kids to work to see everything and sit in the trucks and tractors. It gives them a sence of aww and makes their dreams more real. They might not ever run something but at least they got a chance to see it all. How dad works and used the backhoe to dig in the ground. The more we expose kids to life, the better the choice can be made when picking careers.

Dad the world is your sandbox! My little girl once said. Everytime I sit in the hoe, all that goes through my mind is my kids. Knowing I am living life through their eyes makes me have a better apreashation for work.

I love what I do. Being able to work so my kids have all they need. Seeing life through their eyes even in areas most people don’t think of it. Talking about my day with them always to share what I do when we arn’t togeather the same way they do with me at supper.

I bet every one could see their job through their kids eyes. Think about it. Look around and wonder how your kids would be amazed by what you do. It doesn’t have to just be tractors, it can be anything. Trust me, watch life through your kids eyes, you just might be suprised. Take the bordom out of work, things you do every day that seem mundane could become fun again.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. I love this I often try to visualise life though my children’s eyes not sure I ever manage it though Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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