Snow Shoveling Surprise

I had quite the snow shoveling surprise on the weekend. My oldest daughter has been doing most of our shoveling all winter this year. This weekend I was home and planned on doing it myself to give her a break. To my surprise my younger kids decided they would do it to give their sister a day off instead.

So out they went to clear the snow. They started off working together in the back yard.

After the back was cleared out my little girl went out front. She shoveled the front sidewalks all on her own. This was also the time I came out to play. My son asked if he could do the driveway. I said yes, as long as I was there. Some people still drive alleys like it’s a drag strip.

So out we went to tackle the driveway. He then helped me brush the truck off so it would be done for me.

Well you can guess after all that work they were very tired. I got quite the kick out of seeing them sprawled out on the ground.

Of course there was some playtime mixed it as well. Lots of snow throwing and I took quite a few shovelfuls myself. Hockey was played as a work break and to be honest I wish I had brakes like that with my job.

The best part of working and playing in the snow at home is heading inside. We all sit down and enjoy hot coco with cookies. Warms us right up and the laughter that comes really makes you smile.

I love how my kids all think of each other and all chip in without being asked. As a parent, you really can’t as for much more.

Let me know how yours kids help out. I would love to hear the great stories.