Review – Stokes 4 Piece Basting Set

I will give a little back story before my review. For the last 3 years my wife has gotten angry at me when she goes to cook our Christmas Turkey and she doesn’t have a baster. Now in my defence I have 3 in the garage, one for coolant, one for brake fluid and one for power steering fluid. She really didn’t like the replacements I had boughten anyways so I was doing her a favor.

This year was no different. Christmas Eve she looked at me and said, “Oh look, another year with no baster.” I laughed my ass off as this year I went and got her one for under the tree, kind of a joke gift but one she would love.

Christmas morning comes and she opens up the baster, looks at me, laughs and says, “This better be the best damn baster there is for what you put me through.”

Well here comes the review…

The one I bought her was the 4 Piece Baster Set from Stokes.


It is by Think Kitchen which is a division of Stokes Inc. It comes with the baster, an injector that screws on the bottom, a basting brush and a cleaning brush.

Now when the turkey was being cooked my wife cheered from the kitchen and screamed “I fucking love you” as she took the first suck with her new baster.


The suction was amazing and I was finally in her good books on turkey day which has been a very long time coming. My wife even showed her mom how it worked who will now be picking one up for herself.

The brush made clean up very easy for me as well, kind of reminds me of my old bottle scrubbing days.

All in all this is by far the best basting set we have ever owned. If you are like me and steal these for the garage then replace it first with this one and look like a hero. Better yet just run out and grab one now.

Now I wonder where I can find one for the garage as the 3 I have are crap. Hmmmmmm

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.