My Review Of AUKEY’s LT-ST1 Adjustable Desk Lamp

As a dad, I am always on the look out for things to help my family. When I was asked to review a desk lamp by AUKEY Canada I was all over it.

With my oldest daughter in university and my other 2 kids in school finding a desk lamp that is bright and easy on the eyes is hard to come by. The lamp AUKEY sent me was the LT-ST1 and it did not disappoint.

It has a very sleek design that will fit in no matter where it’s set up. The LED light has 3 settings which are all very bright. The way you can move it around and bend it makes it very versatile for a lamp.

My oldest daughter started using it right away. While studying it give herself extra light that wasn’t hard on her eyes.

Having a desk lamp for studying or work is why most of us buy one. But that can’t be the only way to use this desk lamp. So I asked my kids how they would use this lamp in their every day life. What they came up with was truly amazing.

First was my son who wanted to see how his shadow looked from it. We had quite the time turning ourselves into monsters. We made our shadows bigger and smaller depending on where we stood.

Next was my little girl who wanted to use it while painting finger nails and she asked dad to help. So I sat down and let her practice on me. Things went really well until she had to paint my thumb nails that are bumpy from work, but it was very fun and she had quite the laugh. The light the lamp gave off was perfect for her nail painting.

Last but not least was my oldest daughter who has been trying to find a LED light for her room to help with makeup. The lamp gave off the perfect amount of light and allowed her to see her pores – very important so she tells me. The way the lamp bent around was great to position in the proper place to have the light hit her face perfectly.

The other ways we tried the LT-ST1 out was in the kitchen to light up recipes while cooking and reading at bedtime. It was the perfect fit for every thing that was tried. We bumped it around a few times and dad knocked it off the table once with no damage, try that with an old bulb lamp.

As a dad, having something like this that is durable and LED with kids means I don’t have to worry about broken bulbs and wasted power when left on. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

So check out AUKEY Canada’s LT-ST1 desk lamp and see how well it will fit into you family’s life. Take my word for it, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are interested in this product, you can buy it from AUKEY Canada’s Amazon website. You can also find it through AUKEY’s website with links to an Amazon site near you.

(Disclaimer: AUKEY Canada gave me the LT-ST1 desk lamp for this review. All content and opinions are my own.)