Red Wing Shoes – Best Steel Toe Boots

As a working Dad in the construction industry, steel toe work boots are a huge part of my life. I have worn all makes and styles there is in the last 14 or so years. The work boots I wear now have been a game changer for me. Red Wing Shoes give a whole new outlook on what a work boot should be. Putting comfort and durability into something you wear everyday to keep your feet safe is one of the many reasons I love these boots.

Look at the picture of these boots. You could say they are beat up and don’t look so good. Well what would you say if I told you they are 4 years old now. Be honest now, how many of you have boots that have held up 4 years let alone look decent? I know mine could easily last another 4 years.

These boots have stayed strong and comfortable no matter what I throw at them. It’s like walking on a cloud while wearing them. With the grip they have, it keeps me planted to the ground.

Speaking of ground, I have worked in all types of conditions possible like mud, water, and snow. I have had them covered in hydraulic oil and mineral oil among other contaminants. To this day they are still warm and waterproof. I have worked with concrete, pouring and jack hammering, and they hold up with out wavering. Like most people out there I use my boots to prop stuff up, to kick things into place. When it comes to shoveling all day long, they take some serious abuse. These boots just won’t give up on me.

Now as a 280lb Dad, I usually blow apart my boots fast. My Red Wing Boots have never given me any trouble. That makes it hard to trade them in for a new pair, but that’s just what I did.

Here they are, my brand new pair of steel toe boots. Nothing beats the feel of a new pair of work boots and the timing couldn’t be better. Spring time means more mud, water and is the perfect time to get new water-resistant boots. My feet feel great in them and I can’t wait to put them to the test. Those old boots are now retired to the garage at home. They can live out the rest of their days doing yard work

If you work in an industry that requires steel toe boots then try a pair of Red Wing Shoes and trust me you will never wear another pair again.

I picked mine up here in Edmonton at Reddhart Workware. Take a look at their website to find a location near you. Take it from me, Red Wing Shoes – best steel toe boots out there.

(Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.)

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