Put Down Your Phone!

It has recently come to my attention that dad is on his phone too much.

I really got into social media lately, taking part in twitter party’s and talking to people in general. I also started this blog. I never realized the impact that would have on my family.

Well here I am doing a blog post on my phone about putting down my phone. I do see the irony in this but I feel it’s a great topic. I am great at telling my teen daughter to put her phone away and enjoy whats happening around her. Great advice for any of my kids but also advice I have seem to forgotten myself.

Dad here needs to teach by example. My kids watch and see me constantly checking things on my phone as I am really excited to see who is engaging with me but I need to remember, I don’t need to do this ASAP. When I do this I end up ignoring the people who truly matter to me, my wife and kids.

So for now I will have phone time set a side to check up on things, other wise the phone is put away and out of my face. I can’t truly listen or interact with my family when my phone is in my hands. It is something us as adults forget. It’s kind of funny when I think about it. I look at my kids and think man all they want to do is play video game or surf the web on tablets or phones, and as I’m thinking this I have twitter open on mine.

I will continue to interact on social media as well as my blog, just not on a continual basis. Blog posts might be fewer days apart with multiple posts in one day. I challenge other parents to do the same. Let us lead by example and not make the mistakes I have with my oldest. Telling her to put her phone away and that life doesn’t revolve around it won’t work and leads to resentment when I always have mine up to my face.

A question I ask all of you. How do you manage screen time with yourself and your kids? Maybe this old dad could learn some new tricks.