Pumpkin Carving!

Well with Halloween tomorrow night, we spent the evening last night carving our pumpkins. This has been a family event every year and something this dad looks forward to all year. I love seeing what my kids come up with and just to be able to sit beside all of them and laugh as we dig our way through pumpkin guts is truly special.


I think one of the best parts of carving pumpkins for me is my oldest daughter still lets loose and has her inner child come out, which as a dad I love to see.


Once all our pumpkins get cleaned out and the mess from dad starting a pumpkin gut fight is wiped away the carving begins. This is also a great time for us parents to teach knife safety again and allow them to help carve.


Nothing beats family time and what better way to be together then covered in pumpkin. Also when its done you get to eat roasted pumpkin seeds and I love pumpkin seeds. We all curled up and watched Hotel Transylvania 2 and ate seeds. Such a great night.

Oh ya. I guess I should show off our pumpkins. (From left to right) Dads, Oldest Daughter, Little Girl, Son.


I would love to hear your carving stories and see how the pumpkins turned out. Take the time and enjoy these special times with family. Next up Trick or Treating.