Out With My Girls!

On Sunday I had to do some running around, fill prescriptions for my wife, pick up lunch stuff for the week etc. and both my girls came with me.

One of our stops was at Walmart where we grabbed all our lunch snacks for the busy school/work week.

Now as a dad with 2 daughters, our trip to Walmart wouldn’t be complete unless we stopped in the makeup isle. I wrote a post (Here) on how to this day I don’t understand all things makeup so my girls started training dad.

My younger daughter was teaching me about lipsticks vs lip gloss and how she wants lipstick, what her favourite colours are and how she is ready for this.

Then they showed my nail polishes. I do know a bit about this but I learned all types from acrylic to gel. Wow is there lots to know.

They showed me their favourite colours and these were by Sally Hansen Well like always dad had to get them for my girls. Next up for me is lessons on how to paint nails properly as I usually cover the finger too.

I am still learning and still confused. You would think after all these years with my wife and daughters I would know everything but I don’t but hey, learning means spending time with my girls and I love every minute of it.