Our Family Reading Go To – Shel Silverstein…

Reading is a huge deal in our home. For me through life, I started off as a big reader then sorta gave it up in my teen years. Having kids re-kindled my love of reading. From seeing their faces light up as I read a story or when they start reading to me, to our talks after on what we thought or how we pictured it, all brings joy to this dad.

One of my favorite authors to read is Shel Silverstein. His book and poetry are amazing and comical with learning built-in. I remember my mom reading his poetry to me as a kid and when she bought me his cassette, I didn’t stop listening to it.

As of right now we have 5 of his books but still want all the others.


My son and myself love Where The Sidewalk Ends while my girls love A Light In The Attic. Both are his poetry books, which reading these is maybe why my teen daughter loves poetry and writes it herself now.

One of my favorites now is Sick from Where The Sidewalk Ends. As a parent this truly hits home.


My favorite as a kid was Boa Constrictor also from Where The Sidewalk Ends. It is one of my favorites to read and my kids love it to. We all try to out do each other on this one. Who better than Shel Silverstein himself to read it though. Please check him out reading here onĀ Youtube.

My little girl always stands and dances while reading his poems and I love it.


Any parent out there that loves reading with their kids, give Shel Silverstein a try. Trust me, the hours of fun and joy will leave you speechless. If you can watch his videos or find him reading somewhere, he really puts the fun into reading.

Let me know what you think or pass on your go to books. The more reading the better.