My Wife And I Have A Song!

I am not to sure how many people out their have a song singled out as “our song” with their significant other but my wife and I do. Now the song we have isn’t what you would expect as it’s not a sappy first dance kind of song, but it is a punk song from our favourite band The Dropkick Murphys.

This song became “ours” very early on as it is the one I have always sung to my wife. From day one this is what I would serenade her with and it is very fitting as I married up for sure.

I love the pick up lines at the start and the truth near the end which is quite fitting for a man who is trying to impress a woman. Give it a listen and maybe it will be a good fit for you as well, at the very least you could relate.

I have posted other DKM stuff in the past and I’m certain I will post more in the future. Check the band out, you won’t be disappointed.