My Journey To Quitting Smoking

My journey to quitting smoking is starting again. For me it has been a long bumpy road and here I go again.

I have been smoking since my teen years and I want to stop. I have tried many times before, each time ending up smoking again. This time will be different.

This time I am taking Champix. Find some info here. With Champix I am also using Nicorette gum for when I have burst of anger. I feel this will help me stay away from smokes this time.

In the past, not having a cigarette our getting cravings hasn’t been the problem. The anger I have is my main issue. Short fuse mixed with trying to calm down is where I fail. Trying to find a new outlet is essential. The gum should help me with that too.

My wife and kids know dad is trying. I know once I quit I will feel better. Plus the money saved can be put to better use.

I will succeed this time! This will be the last picture of dad with a smoke.

I will end this post by saying sorry to my wife and kids. To my 18-year-old daughter, we will butt heads big time if you continue to be angry. I want and need to quit. Dad will find away to calm down but short-term pain for long-term gain. Mom is going to keep me in line and I will beat this.

I will continue to write about my journey to quitting smoking. I will try to post a weekly update saying how things are going and how I’m feeling. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed for me.

How many of you have struggled with this? Please let me know and leave words of encouragement. I will need it.