Let’s Get Cooking!

Alright Dads, lets teach our kids to cook. With all my kids Mom and myself love cooking and use this time for bonding with our kids. It teaches them valuable skills as well as an appreciation of how much work goes into the meals we eat.

Tonight I had my two younger ones help BBQ a steak dinner. We decided we will make Mom supper, so away we went. Before cooking I always go over knife safety as well as how to work around hot stoves and the BBQ. Dad still does the oven stuff but other than that, my kids are cooking with me just watching.

We started off prepping the dinner. Chopping potatoes and veggies. The lettuce for the salad and our favorite garlic cloves.


Dad then put the potatoes in the oven and we began to cook the veggies.


Then the fun part. Bring on the BBQ! Now for me, when grilling stakes, I use home make garlic butter and Montreal Stake Spice. That’s all I use. Place the stakes, turn once, flip, and turn. I have shown my kids 2 ways to check how cooked they are. One using your hand and the other your nose.


I always have a lot of fun cooking with my kids. We have had them all in the kitchen with us from baby’s untill now. Trust me, the time spent in the kitchen, is time you will never forget.

Plus they learn how to make meals like this to spoil Mom.