Leadership & Learning (part 2)

The second thing I brought home from my leadership courses is how we learn. I find this most usefully when teaching my kids new things. It is also really handy for school.

Now this shows people learn 3 ways. Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.


Visual learners:

People who are visual learners, learn through seeing. Lots of reading or pictures work well when teaching.

Auditory learners:

People who are auditory learners, Lerner through hearing. Lots of speaking and explaining work well when teaching.

Kinesthetic learners:

People who are kinesthetic learners, learn through hands on. Just doing it to figure it out or role play work well when learning.

Again once you find out how your child learns, it makes teaching easier. It also means with 2 different styles of learning in a group could mean conflict.

For me I found my oldest daughter is a visual learner. For her she needs to read what she is doing. If I try to show her or talk it through nothing gets retained. I see it in school work. Very strong in languages and social. Science and math are tricky due to a lot of hands on required. So when helping I will write stuff out in a journal book for her to go back on.

My little girl is a kinesthetic learner. She is very hands on. For her I keep it simple and let her go. It helps if I am doing things at the same time for her to learn. Reading and speaking can help but she usually takes a little info and rushes in. For school work I tend to have her makes stuff. Make a diagram or set of instructions if you will.

My son is a visual learner with a side of kinesthetic. For him he needs a lot of pictures. I will show him YouTube videos to help. For school I draw a lot of pictures to show meanings of things. He can be hands on but has to visually see it first. Listening is not a strong area for learning, so frustration comes quick when speaking to explain things.

Now in saying all this, it’s  a different ball game if they are all together. During craft time or board/video games for example, I will teach each one separately then bring into a group area. That way each gets their way of learning and the put it to use together.

This makes teaching a lot less stressful and learning for them way more fun which in return allows them to grow. It amazing how well your child will pick up on things if tought the way they learn best.

I hope this helps for you. Let me know how it goes.

I found a good read on this Here.