Laser Tag Birthday Party At Laser City

Today my son had a laser tag birthday party at Laser City here in Edmonton. This has been something my son has wanted to do for some time now. What better time to give Laser City a try than on his birthday.

Right from booking the friendly staff were amazing. Fully explained everything to us including that pizza could be ordered from Panago for the party. They really take care of everything for you.

Our party, given that it was Saturday was $195 for my son and 9 friends. This gave 2 laser tag games that lasted about 20 minutes each, with a 20 minute break in between. The package also came with a party room that had plates, cups, napkins, spoons and 3 × 2 liters of pop or water. Tables and chairs were already set up with bright table cloths.

Now before all the kids arrived I got to see the playing field.

Drooling Daddy

You would think walking through the complex, it would have gave me a leg up in the battle. Well it sure didn’t.

The staging area was pretty cool. Kids got so excited once we headed in there, like it was all becoming real. All the black lights made everything glow in the dark.

Drooling Daddy

There was another party at the same time as ours so we played party vs party. It seemed like I got shot around every corner. Parents were having just as much fun as all the kids. Really was a great time. You just left life at the door and just had fun.

There was a viewing area for anyone who wasn’t playing. Mom and 3 other parents who stayed for the party watched all the action from there. It was quite the site I’m sure.

During our game break we were in the party room. Nice closed off area just for us. We could all eat and just unwind. Plenty of water was drank before the next round. Once game 2 was finished, the pizza was waiting for all the troops. Perfect timing as everyone was famished.

I can not believe how hungry everyone was. We went through a large veggie tray and fruit tray as well as 4 large pizzas. Not much pop was touched, but water was downed.

Then came the moment my son had forgotten all about. Birthday gift time!

His friends gave him some pretty cool stuff.

When time was almost up, I cleaned up the party room. Which was really easy as garbage and recycling cans were right there for us.

If you haven’t had a laser tag birthday at Laser City, I highly recommend it. There is even a younger area called Hero Tag. It stays light up, the vest has a cape and the gun is a power fist. Where kids become superheros, running through a mini city.

Drooling Daddy

So you see, Laser City has something for everyone. Birthdays just got a whole lot better!

Please share out so more parents can see what a great place Laser City is.


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