Kleenex Facial Cleansing – A Dad Learns With His Daughter

Kleenex came out with a Facial Cleansing Line and being a brand my family loves, it will be a huge part of my girls lives. My oldest daughter had ordered herself some on Amazon and through a conversation on my Twitter account, Kleenex sent out a gift to my girls.

Kleenex sent my girls their whole Facial Cleansing Line. As a dad, to have a brand reach out and do this for my kids is amazing. I have always used Kleenex and this is another reason why.

So I asked my little girl to help my show off the new products while testing them out. She, in return asked dad for help learning how to put on eye makeup. So we both sat down and had a make-over night.

I started putting on eye shadow, showing her how to brush it on. She got a good laugh at how it tickled, probably due to how gentle I was applying it.

After the eye shadow, she added on her mascara then her eyes were complete.

I think we did quite well!

Here is where the Kleenex Facial Cleansing Line shines. First we used the moist Eye Makeup Removers.

My daughter put it up to her eye where dad told her to hold it, then wipe away. Keep doing this until all the makeup has been removed. While she was wiping, I kept being told how soft the pads were. Just like the tissues I was told.

Just a few short wipes later, all the eye makeup was removed. Wow was that easy!

The next step, once the makeup was removed was a quick use of the moist Facial Cleansing Wipes. These cleaned up any dirt from the skin with a soft wipe.

It reminded me of when she was little and I would wash her face with a baby wipe. Only she is grown up now and doing it all on her own.

Again, all I was hearing was these are so soft. You sure can count on that from Kleenex no matter what the product is!

Next up, we used the Exfoliating Cushions. They were used to remove any dead skin and to deep clean pores. Just add water and gently rub until a light lather is built up. Even I had to try these things out.

After exfoliating, we both used the Facial Cleansing wipes again to have one final clean. My daughter was right, they are very soft.

I had a lot of fun during our makeover time. I learned how to properly treat your face after makeup, as a result dads could use these too. It really leaves your face soft, smooth and perfect for cuddles. My daughter told me after that my face was smooth and way better for bedtime hugs.

My little girl really pays attention to her big sister and mom, I loved learning from her. I also had a great time helping her highlight her eyes, teaching her a little about eye makeup.

I must say a big thank you to Kleenex for thinking of my daughters. My girls told me that their Facial Cleansing Line is the perfect fit for them. Well I agree, Kleenex is a brand I can trust. Always have and always will!

(Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. Kleenex sent my daughters the products as a gift. All opinions are my own.)