I Don’t Get Makeup!

As a father of a teenage daughter and another girl about to start her teen journey, one thing still confuses me and that’s makeup. I don’t understand why my daughter needs to hide her beauty with the stuff but maybe I’m not supposed to. My wife doesn’t wear a lot but my daughter sure does in my opinion, I mean I should buy stocks in it. To me she doesn’t need it at all but what do I know, I’m just a dad.

Why I bring makeup up is my daughter gets her glasses covered in makeup all the time and in return all our cleaning cloths do as well, which means when dad uses one my glasses get covered in makeup and smears. I have talked a lot about makup with my girls but recently I have noticed more is being applied(thanks Pinterest) by my oldest and her glasses being covered tells me it’s too much.

My daughter tells me I’m old and don’t understand, maybe she is right and don’t understand how much is too much. I know I made the mistake tonight telling her that if it’s on her glasses she is wearing too much and should tone it down. Well let me tell you that didn’t go over very well. Did I just cross a line with her? It sure feels like it.

So before I put my foot in my mouth again with her, let me ask you this and moms I’m looking at you more, is this normal? I mean getting makeup on glasses that is. Is this really a thing? Am I just a dad who really doesn’t understand or am I right and it’s a sign that it’s too much? Do I need to try this for myself to truly understand?

Please help a dad out! Comment below letting me know your thoughts. I know soon enough I will be going through this all over again. Oh and please don’t say “just let it go” like my wife, trust me that doesn’t help.

To be fair to my girls if 30 people comment saying I should try it my self, I will let my girls do a makeover on me and will write a post showcasing it.