Hey Rocco

Once in a while as a parent you come across something that is ground breaking. Let me introduce you to Hey Rocco. A ground breaking kickstarter campaign that will take the world by storm.

Hey Rocco is a children’s book subscription created and written by Jason Oakley, and illustrated by Matto Haq. Jason is an uncle who has been living in another city, away from his nephews. Jason wanted to create something he could send out to them. Like a gift to show he is always there. Something they could talk about.

So Hey Rocco was born!

Hey Rocco

Rocco is a curious fox who loves adventures and mischief all while searching for a best friend. New adventures await around every corner. Eventually Rocco finds an unsuspecting human – you. Of course knowing the perfect person, the end of the book reveales that you sent Rocco to your special someone to become best friends.

The illustrations look amazing. Matto really tells the story without seeing any words. A perfect feature when reading with young kids.

Hey Rocco

Now the really amazing part of Hey Rocco comes when you order the first book. Not only will they receive the book, but also a plush Rocco to cuddle. Letting your special someone know Rocco was sent specifically to them by you. A constant reminder someone is thinking of them at all times.

In return, you will receive a digital version of the book. Reading the latest adventure yourself will allow the conversation to start. Where you can talk about Rocco’s latest adventures. Read it together long distance over the phone, facetime or skype. Even just share a laugh about the last adventure you both read.

Hey Rocco

For myself, almost all my nieces and nephews are in other city’s and this would be perfect. It’s really is hard to find common ground when you spend so much time apart and this would bring the excitement back again. The ice breaker so to speak.

This being a subscription book service, the fun never ends. After the first book is sent, a new Hey Rocco book will be sent out every 2 months. Something to look forward to for both sides. Having a new Rocco adventure to talk about on those phone calls will be truly special.

Hey Rocco

Hey Rocco is still in the kickstarter stage, but I can’t wait for these books to be available. There is special someone who will be receiving Hey Rocco ASAP so they know Uncle Jeff is thinking of them.

Whether you are a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent or anyone else who has a special someone you don’t see often, this is for you.

Follow Rocco on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter to see what’s coming next. There, Rocco shares some great articles, as well as pictures of his adventures.

(Disclaimer: As of now I have not received anything for this post. Once Hey Rocco goes live I will receive the first book and the Rocco plush to send to someone special. All opinions are my own and I firmly believe in Jason’s book. I will continue to show my support of Hey Rocco as well.)

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