Happy Thanksgiving!

Well this weekend is Thanksgiving up here in Canada and I love this time of the year. Long weekend away from work and lots of time spent with family. Of course I also get to eat turkey and my favorite home-made pumpkin pie.

This is also a great time to have your kids learn in the kitchen by helping prepare the big meal. Lots to do and having your kids help with it is a great way to bond with them and on a family holiday it’s a perfect time for this.


If you are like me and need another oven when cooking big meals the a turkey roaster is a great investment. This thing has saved us big time.


I also get the kids to help me out with the cleanup after so Mom can relax as she does most of the work preparing our great feast. Clean up the table and help dad with dishes.

This year I asked my kids a few questions and I figure I would share their answers with you. It gave me some great in site into how they feel. I also put my answers in there too.


(S-7yr old son, YD-9yr old daughter, OD-17yr old daughter D-dad)

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?
S- It means family.
YD- Family gets together and they can have a chat and ya.
OD- A time to be with family.
D- A time to set aside differences and be with family and friends. A chance to share what the year has brought.

What are you thankful for?
S- Grandparents, Family, Uncles, Cousins and Aunts
YD- I’m thankfull for school, my teachers and my family.
OD- To have the opportunity to be in University
D- That I have an amazing wife with 3 beautiful kids. Also I have a great family but I also wish my Mom could be here to share in these holidays.

What is your favorite food on thanksgiving?
S- Turkey!
YD- Pumpkin Pie and ice cream
OD- Beet rolls and pie, to close to pick one.
D- Pumpkin pie is my favorite followed closely by Turkey.

When you are older, what do you think your thanksgiving meals will be like?

S- Ice cream and turkey!

YD- I think they would be like a lot of delicious food. Me and mom would be cooking for everyone
OD- So much family I will have to buy an extended table..
D- All my kids will be married with children of their own and gathered at our place for dinner. Grandpa will be running after the grandkids working up our appetite.

Again I must say how much I love my kids and my family. This is what I am truly thankful for each and every day of my life. I have been blessed with so much love and to see my kids grow has made each day my new best day.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours…