Grandmas Place – Edmonton Public Schools Archives And Museum

My Son went on a field trip to the Edmonton Public Schools Archives Museum a couple of days ago and as a Dad I know it was good when he lit up telling me about it.

They went to Grandma’s Place which is an old 1920s style house with Grandpa’s Tool Shed, Grandma’s Kitchen, Post Office, General Store, Grandpa’s Mill, and Grandma’s Laundry attached to it.

In Grandma’s Place he got to see how chores were done in the early 1900s and even got to try things out hands on.

There was washboard laundry where he got to dunk clothes in a basin, use a washboard, ring it out, rinse and hang to dry. He also got to learn how ironing was done by heating a stove and warming the old iron.

He got to check out an old attic which he said was creepy. He got to use an old mill where he ground up wheat to make flour and head into the tool shed where he used an old hammer and hand drill where he had to drill in and out to clean.

Last but not least they went into the General store where he got to buy Root Beer candy.

I am not going to lie, I am jealous I wasn’t there with him. If your kid’s school hasn’t been there yet, suggest it to your teacher as they run different programs and my kids will tell you it is so worth it.

The good news is this Museum is free and at any point I can head down there with my kids. I might not be able to see Grandma’s Place but with everything else that’s there, I’m sure we will be fine. Looks like I know one spot to hit up this year here in Edmonton as any place that is fun and you learn is a great family trip. Please check it out and share your experiences with me.