I Got Ignored When Getting A Sample Of Laundry Detergent

All through out my life I have done laundry in one form or another. As a dad of 3 kids my laundry skills have grown to include getting all forms of stains out of clothing including but not limited to grass, dirt, food, makeup, paint, etc.

So why is it that after all these years I still feel like I don’t belong in the cleaning world. I am a man who preaches equality in my home and practice what I preach but am left as an outsider in the real world, or so I am sometimes left to feel.

Yesterday while I was shopping in Costco with my wife and 2 younger kids, we were heading down the milk aisle, me pushing the cart with my son on it when I noticed a free sample table set up with none other than our family’s favorite laundry brand Tide. So my son and I ducked off to go and check out what it was and that’s when it happened.

I waited patiently for the lady to finish with 3 other women, giving her speech, letting them smell the soap and handing out samples. When finished I walked up and made eye contact and said hello. The lady smiled and quickly turned her attention to a woman who just walked up after me handing out a sample. She then dealt with another woman who walked up, giving her speech and handing out a sample all while I was still standing there.

She then noticed I was still standing beside her table and only when my wife walked up did she start talking to me. Now my wife being the person she is left me to talk as she knows I love trying new things and hearing all about them so she was looking at the Tide bottles and checking them out. Not once did the lady ask if I wanted to smell the soap and it felt like she wasn’t interested in talking to me at all. She finished by handing me a sample and letting me know it was good for 1 medium sized load. Once we started walking away, she made sure to tell my wife that incase she didn’t know it was good of 1 medium sized load.

Once we walked away, my wife looked at me and said I can’t believe that woman treated you that way. I then told her how I was ignored before she even arrived and my wife was shocked. I honestly wasn’t as this isn’t the first time this has happened to me and I doubt it will be the last.

As a man, I get this reaction from people all the time when talking about cleaning, it’s like I shouldn’t be the one doing it at all. Well that’s not me and never will be. I even teach all 3 of my kids how to clean and do laundry as it’s an equal part in our home and it doesn’t matter if you are male or female.

I don’t blame Costco or Tide for how I was treated at all, they have no idea how this woman working thinks, but I do however blame her. How can this world truly be equal if people still think and treat others this way. I hope this changes soon. Us dads do a lot more than just come home from work and sit nowadays and it’s about time society sees that.

One thought on “I Got Ignored When Getting A Sample Of Laundry Detergent

  1. In my eyes as a new parents its at least %50 of the women to choose to hold this arrogant stigma. I’ve never met a man in MY LIFE who doesn’t believe in equal sides and equality. I have on the other hand met a bunch angry B***h moms who have a stick up their as* ! Yeah. I said that. Maybe it wont even be approved, although it bothers me greatly. He they are fighting to be equal yet half don’y seem to care. Maybe try yelling at your own gender their women and not at us men. Sorry you has a bad time at Costco. I love Costco! Its always the best time, I haven’t brought Charlotte as a big girl yet as we don’t have a car anymore. Cheers Jeff!

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