First Day of University!

Oh my god! My daughter is starting university.



The one sentence as a dad I am happy, scared and upset saying. Happy for her that as she is achieving her goals and starting down the path to her future. Scared for her as this is a huge step like no other one yet for school. Upset because it really means my little girl is an adult and grown woman.

I am so proud of her for doing something her dad never did. She is a highly motivated woman who has had struggles throughout school but over came them all and reached her goals.

For her she is taking a bachelor of arts with an english major first and then off to law school. Her plan has been laid out for a few years and now it finally begins.


Now as a dad this was no easy task to set her up in university. There is no magic book to say, here do this. So for all you dads out their with kids nearing this milestone or just for help in the near future, I will lay some tips out for you.

Start asking early what their interests are. Help them find out the jobs that can come from this. Give them similar options to take but stand by their decisions.

Learn, learn, learn. Read up on the school they want to attend. They will be so excited that they end up missing the small things. Don’t hesitate to email the faculty yourself, I did, to get things cleared up one what they need for marks etc to enroll.

Pre enroll as soon as you can. Start this at the beginning of grade 12 when enrollment opens and update marks as soon as possible.

Start looking at scholarships right from grade 10 and help them find the right ones. I should have done this way earlier but for us, next year we will rock this. She signed up here for them.

Student loans are a great way to pay for all of this and very straight forward. I helped her apply for them and send in all the info. Most of it is done online here for Alberta.

Now for her comes supplies shopping. Books and computers etc. We are heading out this weekend to start. Very exciting I must say as we didn’t have a lot of days like this together. Dad is quite embarrassing in stores, lol.

So dads I will say this, get involved. This is a huge step for your child. No matter how much they say I will do it on my own, the first year they can’t. There is lots to do and can become overwhelming by your self. Let them try, and be there for questions. In the end, the help and support will mean the world to them.

How many of you are hitting this milestone with your kids? Let me know how things went.