First Day of School!

Well fellow dads and parents, the day has arrived. First day of school. Now I know some have started already but for us, today is the big day.

My little ones are so excited as always. Last night at bed time was spent talking about all the wonders that will start today. Is there any new kids? Whats my teacher going to be like? Will this year be harder? All the questions going through their heads with giant smiles on their faces.

Yesterday my wife helped them put all their school supplies in a tote and double-check the list.


Backpacks were stocked with lunch kits and hung with care.


And clothes were picked out and set on their dressers.

Collage 2016-09-01 08_34_32-1

We also have them pick out all their snacks for the day and help mom prepare lunches. It’s a great way to have them in the kitchen helping and learning.

Now for this year my son is starting grade 2 and my little girl is grade 5. My oldest daughter is starting university today as well but I will write about that in its own post.

For me, like most years, dad works on the big day. I wish I didn’t have to but such is life. I wish I could be there in person to see their eyes light up entering a new year of learning. My wife will take lots of pictures for me wich she will send me through out the day. When I get home I hear all the wonderful things that happened. I honestly can’t wait to hear the stories.

So dads and parents, here’s to another great year of school for our kids. May they be filled with joy and wonder. Embrace this time with them as it goes by fast. Listen to their day and help where you can.

I would love to hear your fist day back storys. Please feel free to share.