Hello World!

Well here I go trying this whole blog thing out. I must say I’m a little nervous trying to figure out what I should say for my first post.

I guess first off, why the drooling daddy name? Well as a father of 3 I know a little bit about drool, and lets be honest I drool just as much as they did. I am not a very serious dad so the name just seemed to fit. Drool and dads seem to go hand in hand.

This blog will let me interact with fellow dads out in the world and I more than welcome moms to chime in as well. I mean I may be one hell of a dad but can never compete with mom when it comes to the wonderful art of parenting. I feel having dads and moms interacting, no one can loose. Every thing I say will be a dads point of view and all my own opinion. If I ever offend someone, I will say it now, I’m truly sorry as it was not my intention. I feel I have lots of Information on being a great dad and all the different situations that come with having kids.

I will do my best to post as often as I can and please bear with me as I figure out this whole thing. I will be writing on things that I think are important to me and my family. Lots to do with my kids and things I do with them. Also if I come across any place here in Edmonton that I feel others should bring their families, I will write about it.

Check out the About area to see a little about me. Things might change from time to time in this area as I get a little better at this blog thingy.

Feel free to Contact me at any time. I will do my best to answer all who write.

Well I do believe that’s my First Blog Ever! Thanks for reading and see you soon.