First Aid!

As I just finished taking my first aid course for work again it got me thinking how important this is to have this training as a parent. Ever since I was in high school I have taken a form of first aid every 3 years or less and have used that knowledge more than I wanted too.


The course I have taken the most (about 9 times now) is the St John Ambulance one (the link is for Alberta site but they are an International Organization) As a parent, their course is by far the best one that offers a certificate, as it’s geared towards the average person.

I recommend as a parent taking the course with Infant and Child CPR as it is done different from an Adult CPR and you should know what those differences are so not to cause more damage.

Through my work at this company they don’t offer the one with Infant and Child CPR but I am still fighting them on that one and have been for 7 years. A lot of workers have kids and safety doesn’t end at work. I have though, taken that one in the past and read up on changes every time I get a new Reference Guide.


You also get to take home and keep their reference guide which you can use if need be to help you along or if it has been awhile and you can’t remember what to do. It shows everything from CPR, wound control, slings and splints for breaks and sprains and so much more.


There was a point where I didn’t think my blue chested guy was going to make it but in the end he pulled through.

Now as I said before I have used my first aid training with my kids a number of ways from small cuts, cat scratches to the eyes, broken bones, sprains all the way up to a spinal injury with my oldest daughters neck injury. I would share some of the work ones I have treated but even I don’t want to remember those.

So if you have a chance please take a first aid course, at least 1, to better prepare yourself for what life (or kids) throw at you.