Family Boardgames!

As board games are a big thing in our home I will share some of our favorites from time to time.

For this post it’s a twist on a classic. Harry Potter Clue!


If you love Harry Potter like we do you will love this board game. As you make your way through Hogwarts playing as one of the main “good guy” characters trying not to lose all your house points while trying to save one of your friends, you get to race to find out who did it without falling to the dark magic your self. But there are twists like the rooms change with doors open or blocked and secret passages that appear and disappear. Use the help cards to save yourself from the dark magic and remember to choose wisely.

Picking which person with what item in what room all just like the original Clue but this time Harry Potter style makes this game quite exciting.

We just bought this game for my little girl for her 10th birthday and it will be on rotation for quite some time.


So in saying all that if you love board games, especially Clue and you love Harry Potter than this game is for you. Even my 7 year old son found it easy to follow along which is perfect as he usually gives us trouble on game nights lol.

And just so everyone knows Dad lost big time.