Emergency Ready!

Do your kids know what to do in case of an emergency or what to do if they are lost. Here is how I have taught my kids what to do if this ever happened.

You always teach your kids their full name but how often do you teach them mom and dad’s full names. This is something I have taught to my kids first. If there is ever a problem they can say Jeff Wood is my dad. It’s easy for people to look me up by my name.

Next was area of the city you live in. They knew what our neighborhood was called. This goes hand in hand for searching dad’s name and both are very easy for even a toddler to remember.

There may be tons of Jeff Wood’s in my city but probably only me in our neighborhood which makes things a lot easier if they are lost and dealing with police etc.

Next, once reading begins is our phone number. We started with our house number and slowly worked into mom and dad’s cell phone numbers. Grandma helps with this when they are out with her. She gets them to dial our numbers and send texts so they know how to give mom and dad a call.

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We also set up a phone list. We have ours on a bulletin board by the fridge. Not only does it have 911 but also Dr’s number, fire, poison hotlines, Alberta health link, grandparents, our cell numbers, schools, and close family friends. Now if something happens to mom and dad or something happens when big sister is babysitting all 3 know who to call. Once panic sets in, this is a great way to help when the memory doesn’t work. We also keep a small list in their backpacks by their name tags to so they have access or if they are ever found unconscious . Doesn’t hurt to add the house address to this list as well. You can find a few good lists on Pinterest.
Which brings me to our address. Full address too with house number, nearest streets and avenues and also postal code. They can now let anybody know, if need be, all our homes information like if they ever had to call 911. Plus from all our family walks they can access our house from every way possible.

Again as they got older we started the house process for their grandparents and friends. Area, address, how to get there. Even for grandma in Winnipeg.

Now teaching your kids this can come in handy. For us, mom has severe allergies and hopefully they never have to use this for an anaphylactic attack, but my son did use what he learned to call dad when mom threw her back out and got stuck in the kitchen when he was 4 years old. He was able to call me at work by seeing dad’s cell in our house phone and was able to tell me mom was hurt. He then put the phone on speaker so mom could tell me what happened.

Something so simple can really make a huge difference. You never know when it will be needed although we all hope it doesn’t.  So many of my kids friends can’t say where they live or what their phone numbers are but all my kids can and so much more.

What things do you teach your kids to better prepare them if you are hurt or they are lost? I am always up to learn new tricks and tips.