Easter Long Weekend Was A Blast

Our Easter long weekend was a blast this year. It was also a little different as it was just us. No big dinner or family coming over. Just myself, my wife and our 3 kids. That ment there was no stress.

Friday night my younger daughter went to a friend’s house for a sleep over. I got to watch the Oilers play their first playoff game in 11 years. That was huge to see and boy do I wish I was at the game.

Saturday both my younger kids were at a birthday party for the afternoon. My oldest daughter was just sitting around the house. Very relaxing and most important my kids were having fun.

Dad got into the mix of things and having fun. My little girl challenged me to a game of Mille Borne. We played 2 games with the first one going to her. The second game had an epic ending. Last hand to play and we were both with in 100 points of winning. I was the first to hit 1000 miles with my daughter at 975 miles. So close!

Then came the Nerf wars and what a battle it was.

After our big battle I set up some targets to practice with. It soon changed into hitting their sister every time she walked out of her room.

Sunday was Easter morning. The bunny came and pooped all over our house again.

So my kids walked around and cleaned up the mess. There was chocolate everywhere in the house. Bunny, eggs, peeps and so much more.

After the big egg hunt we had a pancake breakfast. Telling your kids to put down the chocolate to come eat syrup covered pancakes is quite funny to do when you think of it. The kids then started playing. Downstairs with toys first then on to video games. My wife and I began to prep our dinner. We made a turkey, potatoes, carrots, stuffing, and flakey buns. Turned out so good. I was ready for a nap after eating.

The day was very relaxed as the meal was small and we didn’t have to worry about entertaining. Nice to have holidays like this form time to time.

Monday rolled around and that was mom and dads day to unwind. We took the day just to veg out and watch movies.

The strangest thing happened on Monday though. My kids were downstairs playing and I heard something that has been lost for some time now. My oldest daughter was laughing. I mean really laughing!!! She was down stairs spending time with her brother and sister and having fun doing it. I have missed the sound of her laughter as it doesn’t show very often.

This was a much-needed weekend. Lots of playing, great food and time just spent at home with my family. I hope everyone else had a great Easter weekend. Feel free to share in the comment area.