Desert Island Discs Tag!

I was nominated by Daddy Poppins to do the Desert Island Disc Tag.

This is where I have to pick 8 songs that I would want to be stuck on a desert island with. Now as a lover of music, how the hell do I just pick 8, this list could easily be 800+ long!

Well I will do my best, just putting the first 8 that come to mind and post it as if I don’t, I could be stuck for months trying to narrow a list down.

Here goes in no particular order:


1) Tool – AEnima – Eulogy

Tool is on of my all time favourite bands and Eulogy has always stood out for me. I love the sound of their music and was hooked the first time I listened to them.
2) Pink Floyd – Animals – Dogs

This would be a must bring as Animals was the album that always calmed me down. Dogs was the song put on repeat back in my ‘party’ days to mellow me out and even now I play it to just relax.

3) Pennywise – Self Titled – Bro Hymn

This is a must! This song was the anthem growing up in the St. Vital neighborhood in Winnipeg. Everyone knew it, sung it, and it always started a mosh pit. The song is all about friendship and will always remind me of that.

4) Dropkick Murphys – Blackout – Dirty Glass

Having something from the Dropkick Murphys is a must. Dirty Glass is my all time favourite from them and if you ever see them live you will know why.

5) Mad Caddies – Keep It Going – Coyote

I could only find a live video but honestly seeing the Mad Caddies live is a must. The album Keep it Going is one that can be played start to finish and Coyote is the one I always sing with my kids.

6) Sublime – 40oz To Freedom – Badfish

Sublime was huge when I was growing up. Badfish was always a top song for me and one I would bring with me to any island.

7) Nas – Illmatic – One Love

Nas and his album Illmatic was big for me. His style and flow were untouched in the rap world and I feel still is to this day. One Love was always played in my car during high school and will always be the top rap song in my opinion.

8) Ween – Chocolates & Cheese – Voodoo Lady

This song was first played for me by my best friend. Since then I have loved it. There was a point where I took a break listening to it while driving as when played something always happened including writing off a car. Still a big song for me to this day.

Well there it is, my 8 songs I would take with me to a desert island. I could add so many more but these are the 8 that came to me first. Give them a listen and maybe they will be added to your list too.

Now it wouldn’t be a tag if I didn’t nominate a couple of people.

I nominate:

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