Dad’s Hurt!

Well I thought I would let you know a little more about me. It will I hope shed some light onto running a family while being injured.


It is hard to tell when or what triggered my shoulder giving out, but I am sure lots helped pave the way to where I’m at today. Might have been one of the 3 spinal injuries I sustained when I was in my teen years.(which I didn’t know until a first aid class) Or maybe the arm bar I was put into, without tapping out. Maybe the many mountain bike accidents. Or it could be work related as I spent 7+ years in the oil field as well as the last 7 years doing construction around Edmonton. What ever the cause, it’s painful.


Over the years I have had bad times with it where it was really sore. I went for 2 separate MRI which showed nothing wrong. Eventually the pain went away, not to mention I have an extremely high pain tolerance. But a couple of months ago, it completely gave out on me. Unreal pain and zero strength.


Well back in for tests. This time x-rays and an ultrasound of my shoulder, neck and spine. Alas, nothing found. So I began working out using 2 lbs of weight. With anti inflammatorys and exercise things were looking good, until now. It gave out again. This time my left arm locked out. I can no longer lift it above my head. It’s had to pull up pants and put deodorant on, let alone play with my kids.

The scary thing for me is we are a single income family. If dad can’t work we are screwed. I do however work for an amazing company where I can switch into something else when I can’t do the physical work. But how do I play? Work is one thing, my kids are another. No more wrestling. No more sports. The list goes on and on.

This has got to be the hardest thing that has ever happened to me. And not knowing why sucks ass. My kids are great though. We have found whole new ways to enjoy time together. My teenager has helped do dads chores and gives me crap when I go stupid. My little girl is teaching me to knit. My son has decided colouring and Lego are now the go to things instead of wrestling. Still it is hard for all when dad goes and trys to ruff house etc, and ends up hopping around in pain.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Physio starts on Wed. Hopefully its just a frozen shoulder and will get worked out. If not I will be seeing a specialist to find out why all the nerve pain is there. I WILL pull through and with my kids helping me exercise, there is no giving up.

I will keep posting on this as I go through it. Dads know this, it is not a bad thing to show weakness and ask for help. Your family needs to see this side of you and you need to know they are there for you. It’s a lesson I learned the hard way.