Christmas Decorating Time!

It is that time of year again in our home and that is decorating for Christmas. This is always a family event and dad loves it. There was a time when Christmas didn’t mean crap to me but since becoming a father, every year gets better and better.

Our holiday season begins December 1st although with this years excitement a little earlier. We start hanging our outside lights which this year ended up being a daddy/son chore. I feel we did quite a good job too.


Then we move inside. We set up our tree and put the decorations on.


Always having a little fun in the process.


To be left with dads decorating tradition, putting the small ceramic Christmas tree together. This is something I loved doing as a kid myself and now get to do with my kids.


Now our home is ready for the holidays with everything decorated and light up. I can’t wait to add more decorations, store-bought and home-made this year to keep the excitement growing. Here is our tree and living room all done up.



I love the memories made each Christmas season and it all starts with the decoration set up.